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Breaking News: Fall Accelerated Track. Breaking News: Premeds need to repent of this one awful sin We've spent over 14 years perfecting our groundbreaking MCAT Tutoring System, which includes hundreds of behind-the-scenes components that each drive student performance.

These are a few of the basics:.

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Multiple independent third-party studies have demonstrated that pre-meds who complete an Altius mentoring program consistently average in the 90th percentile or above on the MCAT. See the data for yourself Altius is the best program out there, period. I looked at all the other programs, and Altius had them all beat in terms of content and price.

That is frightening. Fortunately, Altius has reversed that trend completely.

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Nineteen out of every twenty Altius students score above If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your tuition. Altius is setting a new standard. The Achievement Company When it comes to the MCAT and medical school admissions, we help our clients achieve the so-called "impossible" every.

altius mcat login

Joel Hancock Weber State University. Enroll now.This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

With robust in-person and online course options, Altius is one of the leading providers of quality MCAT prep courses.

Their strengths lie in how they structure their courses as well as their comprehensive practice tests and 90th percentile score guarantee for all students. Their core promise is that students will finish in the 90th percentile or they will keep working with you until you do for free — they tackle this guarantee through a unique and strict course format where conceptual thinking is encouraged compared to memorization. Be warned — their courses are rigorous but designed in a way to ensure that you do your best.

They have a variety of course options and have clearly realized most modern students prefer to have their resources available anywhere and therefore include their online platform with all in-person classes.

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Finally, they provide 3 levels of admissions guidance for an extra fee. New to the MCAT? Start Here. Summary: 24 hours of small group tutoring, 42 sessions of in-person classroom sessions, and 10 proctored study hall sessions. Summary: 15 sessions of 1-on-1 MCAT tutoring, hours of live classroom instruction, 48 live classroom sessions. Summary: 25 sessions of 1-on-1 MCAT tutoring, hours of live classroom instruction, 64 in person classroom sessions, 16 small group mastery sessions, 16 proctored study hall sessions.

Summary: 45 sessions of 1-on-1 tutoring, hours of live instruction, 2 hours per chapter of additional private tutoring, 80 live classroom sessions, 16 small group mastery sessions, 16 small group study sessions, 16 dedicated review sessions, Silver Admissions Assistance package.

Summary: 25 sessions of 1-on-1 MCAT tutoring, hours of live classroom instruction, 1 hour per chapter live tutoring, 50 in person classroom sessions, 10 small group mastery sessions, 25 small group study hall sessions. Altius takes the following approach with their MCAT course:. These tests are touted as being as close to the real MCAT as you can get and were designed by admissions officers and PhD content experts.

The best part is that every course Altius offers comes with access to these tests though Bronze is limited to just 4 vs. Altius has two different course options: online and in person. Between the classroom sessions, tutoring, and study groups, students can expect to spend a lot of time in these locations.

I was pleased with every single aspect of the Altius program. Altius was an outstanding MCAT course. I was impressed by how comfortable and familiar I became with the MCAT exam over the course of the program.

Your program pushed me to study harder than I would have on my own and I gained a great respect for my tutors. Altius is for students who want a structured and proven MCAT course complete with a 90th percentile score guarantee. The Altius course will require hard work, the minimum course length is 10 weeks for their summer bootcamps, all the others will require months of focus.

If you have any questions regarding Altius or this review, feel free to send us an email info testprepnerds. Did you know that two-thirds of students take the MCAT over the summer? Contest ends July 31st, By submitting your information, you agree to receive email correspondence from Test Prep Nerds and Blueprint. Kristine Thorndyke March 18, Our Verdict.

A demanding course that has been proven to work — its students score an average Get this course. Value for Money. Student Feedback. Practice Materials. Pros Rigorous prep with an emphasis on activities instead of lectures Access to countless resources, including 10 exact-match practice tests Both live and in-person options 90th percentile score guarantee.

Kristine Thorndyke.This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

altius mcat login

There are three main MCAT prep summer programs that you can take advantage of that will get you in shape for the MCAT faster than you could expect during a busy schedule during the school year. Read on about perfect scoring on the MCAT. Disclaimer about these courses — they are going to be in-person. These MCAT prep summer programs often offer room and board options for those who may not be able to make the commute to classes every day.

altius mcat login

This can be great for those who really want to enroll in one of these programs, but they can rack up there in cost. Summer MCAT bootcamps do not come cheap, especially if you plan on rooming and boarding there, but they can make a huge difference in how you ultimately do on the MCAT.

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For those looking for more budget-friendly options, consider these home study prep books. This amounts to hours of instruction and coaching from an engaging MCAT prep team. You will also receive 11 Princeton Review MCAT books, 4 of which are exclusive titles specifically for those who enroll in this course.

As you all know, the majority of learning happens outside of the classroom. This is why Princeton Review has put together its MedFlix instructional videos to drill you outside of the classroom.

They fall in Southeast, Central, and West Coast of the US and take place in prestigious universities within that area. Again, for those who do not live near or do not have the option to commute for classes, you can tack on room and board for a pretty penny. These courses take place between May and August and last for 6 weeks. When you are checking the Kaplan website for enrollment details, be sure to utilize their promos.

Oftentimes, they have coupons for discounts on courses that can help make the prices a bit more digestible. Altius sets itself apart in this list because they only offer MCAT prep, which can be reassuring that they have taken the time to specialize in just one category. If you choose to opt for their Gold Summer Package, you will receive 22 tutoring sessions and 42 tutoring sessions if you opt for their Platinum Summer Package.

Classroom sessions are in small groups and are designed for participation and practice versus lecture-styled courses you may find from other MCAT prep programs. Altius is very careful in tracking the results of students who have taken the MCAT and their graduates have ranked in the top 88th to 95th percentile for over ten years now.

This sets them apart from Kaplan and Princeton Review, as they regularly publish independently-verified student scores. In one of those independently-verified studies, they have found that their graduates are eight times more likely to score into the 97th percentile or higher. There is a huge price tag associated with these commercial MCAT summer immersion programs.

Many colleges and universities offer MCAT prep courses that tend to be cheaper than commercial prep courses that you will see listed here. Check in with the nearest college or university medical program to see if they offer any MCAT prep over the summer.Louis, Missouri.

However, the company boasts that many of its students enroll for short courses and move temporarily to the city where the Altius course is being offered. Like Kaplan, Altius has a few options for courses. In my opinion, what sets Altius apart is its emphasis on one-on-one interaction between student and tutor. There are some other extras thrown in. It includes all of the Gold program options, plus an added 20 hours of one-on-one tutoring.

There must be a fairly dense concentration of pre-meds in Utah, because Altius also offers an 8-week summer immersion course, which crams in a full year of prep and all of what comes with the Dual Focus Program. The only downside, from what I can tell, is the prep material. You can get them cheap there, and for a lot of people it makes all the difference.

Their stats for passage and good scores are veryyy impressive graduates average in the 88thth percentile. A final note: Altius is capitalizing on its knowledge of the new post MCAT: showing a greater emphasis on conceptual thinking rather than on rote memorization.

If you decide to order the set of 10, you can use the Premedfaq. About the Author: Bryce Johnson. Bryce is a professional writer, editor, and admissions consultant. If you like how he writes, you might consider having him help you with your personal statement. Related Posts.

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Pre-Med Ask It! March 22, at am.

My review of the Altius MCAT prep course

Sheri F March 29, at am. April 28, at am. PreMedTweets May 11, at pm. PreMedTweets May 13, at am. May 15, at pm. PreMedTweets May 15, at pm.Do you like to ask questions in class? Do you thrive when learning on your own, on your own time, at your own pace?

You'll never have to read more science content than is on the MCAT, and you'll learn on every page how to remember and apply what you're reading forever. Why isn't your MCAT score increasing? We know how to help you FAST! Are you reading your MCAT textbooks correctly? We know how many hours to read, what order to do your reading in and how to integrate practice so you don't burnout.

The course kept me on track with a very efficient and doable schedule. The 50 minites lectures kept me focused and the 30 minute in class exams allowed me to practice the content I just studied.

Overall, I think the structure of the course, presentation by the instructor, and support provided is wonderful. Using the home study schedule you offer with your material review book set and practice exams I was able to score in the 99th percentile! The guidance I received from this company for my MCAT preparation played a crucial role in my success.

Keep up the great work. Instead of rote memorization, he gave me the tools to tackle the toughest MCAT questions. Thanks Dillon and EK! The hotline is THE. Would literally tell anyone to buy the EK prep course simply for the value of the Hotline access. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the resource!

I wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into my personal statement. Without your guidance, it would not have been nearly as good, and for that, I owe you a million thanks. The first class had just 5 students….

Top Summer MCAT Bootcamps for High MCAT Scorers

As time went on, the average number of students attending classes grew from 5 to 40, and we spread to campuses across the United States while our books became the most trusted in by the highest ranked Universities in North America.

Our goal is for every student to become immersed in the MCAT Mindset throughout the entire study process and hold their dreams in their hands of becoming a doctor. We have done in-depth research on every reputable MCAT resource and on how different students learn MCAT best so your study plan is always cut-throat and precise.

Our books keep you awake and constantly improving. We wrote them to be funny, straight forward and to teach you not only what to study, but how to study. This isn't your regular class. Our Strategy Coaches are readily available whenever you need us. We don't allow you to drift off alone, costing you time, money and your ideal university. Don't give up on your dream Medical School.

We'll get you to your target score. Self Study.

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MCAT Textbooks You'll never have to read more science content than is on the MCAT, and you'll learn on every page how to remember and apply what you're reading forever. We Prove It. From humble beginnings to industry leader The first class had just 5 students… As time went on, the average number of students attending classes grew from 5 to 40, and we spread to campuses across the United States while our books became the most trusted in by the highest ranked Universities in North America.

Today, Examkrackers teaches students worldwide. Specialists We have done in-depth research on every reputable MCAT resource and on how different students learn MCAT best so your study plan is always cut-throat and precise. Material Our books keep you awake and constantly improving.Breaking News: Fall Accelerated Track.

altius mcat login

Breaking News: Premeds need to repent of this one awful sin The one MCAT preparation tool no examinee should ever go without! The MCAT practice tests offered by big-box prep companies are inaccurate. Achieving excellence at any endeavor requires practice. However, practicing with the wrong materials does more harm than good. Test prep companies have been quick to produce practice tests, but our industry-leading analytics clearly demonstrate that these materials do not accurately prepare you for what you will actually see on test day.

To accomplish this goal, Altius assembled the most qualified curriculum development team ever created, featuring:. The result of our unprecedented effort to recreate the MCAT development process is a set of materials so realistic that our practice tests are statistically indistinguishable from the AAMC on over different metrics.

Altius exams feature exactly the same distribution of easy, medium and difficult questions as AAMC materials. Altius passages have exactly the same average, minimum, and maximum word counts as AAMC passages. Altius passages use the exact same font, figure labels, and detailed formatting as the AAMC passages.

Altius passages test topics in accordance with the exact same survey used by the AAMC to determine its distribution of topics. The number of MCAT practice test resources available for purchase is extremely limited. The few test prep companies who do offer exams usually restrict access to a mere six months, sometimes as little as 45 days!

Others restrict the number of times you can attempt the test. All Altius practice exams are good for one full year from the date of purchase and may be attempted an unlimited number of times. If you want to become a physician, you should consider it a necessity to have access to the only MCAT practice materials that exactly replicate the real thing. I have seen the other practice tests out there and they are nothing like MCAT I know that sense of comfort was a direct result of having practiced with the Altius full-length practice tests.

Those tests were exactly the same as what I experienced on test day.Last Updated: May 5, Our goal in writing this article is to give students clarity and comfort by providing an expert, unbiased summary of the major changes and how best to navigate them successfully.

In this post we will cover:. To accommodate the large number of students whose original test date had been cancelled, plus additional summer examinees, the AAMC implemented several significant changes. These included adding additional test dates and—perhaps most significantly—changing the length, timing, and test-day format.

You will be able to directly compare the standard exam to the new COVID version and quickly determine the likely impact of those changes on your own test-day experience:. Remember, every single applicant is facing these same challenges.

Also, take comfort in knowing that admissions committees are aware of these unusual realities and will factor them into all admissions decisions. Some students will allow themselves to become frazzled by these unforeseen issues. If you do not, you will have a distinct advantage. Understanding the information in this article will be a strong start to remaining calm and in perspective.

By default, your brain is NOT prepared to perform at its peak ability during the unusual time frames in which you may be testing—as early as AM or as late as midnight.

To overcome this issue, you will need to practice exactly as you will be tested. For example, if you are testing during the first exam slot, begin waking up at AM for at least weeks before your exam.

Altius MCAT Review: How Do They Guarantee a 90th Percentile Score?

Begin all your practice exams at exactly AM, without exception. If you are testing during the final exam slot, we recommend shifting your diurnal rhythms by purposely getting up a few hours later than normal and staying up until an hour or two after you will finish your exam AM. Otherwise, you may experience significant fatigue during the final section of the exam. Do your best to mimic all other aspects of the exam and exam-day experience. Visit your testing center well in advance to become familiar with its location.

Take all practice tests in a secluded setting, on equipment similar to that provided at your testing center. One of your goals when preparing for this important exam should be to eliminate as many test-day surprises as possible. The more familiar you are with the exam, the testing center, and the experience overall, the better:.

The importance of this document, prepared by the AAMC and considered required reading for all examinees, cannot be overstated. You must know and follow the testing rules enforced by the AAMC.

How I Studied for the MCAT - Study Schedule \u0026 Resources - Self-Prep

For example, you may not realize that it is a violation to write anything on your note-taking booklet before an exam section begins. You may also be surprised to learn that if you ask for an additional notebook the proctor will give you another booklet, but also confiscate your current booklet. This caused one student unexpected anxiety at a recent exam because she had written a pre-planned timing scale at the top of her first booklet.

These issues are fully preventable if you study this document carefully beforehand. At a time when you will already be facing new challenges due to COVID, it is more important than ever to eliminate surprises through careful preparation.

One of the most widespread causes of examinee surprise and frustration on test day is the extensive—and at times intimidating—check-in process. This can last minutes or more and will include being asked to review a list of test-center rules, verifying your ID, providing a digital signature, taking your photograph, infrared palm scanning, a pat-down search, inspection of your pockets—and occasionally a few other security procedures that vary by testing center.

You will encounter similar requirements when entering the room after one of the minute breaks. The AAMC has announced multiple new exam dates forincluding an extension of the normal testing period through the last week of September. The registration portal is currently closed.

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